Employment Opportunities

Mt. Mansfield Academy is proud of its family environment where independence, advocacy, dedication, and empathy are developed. Student-athletes and staff make the most of every opportunity that a small community is able to offer. The bonds created, sharing of passions and unique life experiences, combine to ensure an impactful education academically, athletically, and developmentally. Inquiries should be made to academics@mmsca.org.

Job Description
Mt. Mansfield Academy is looking to fill a teaching position in the areas of Physics and Computer Science/STEM. This is an opportunity to design and develop the program as the Academy continues to grow and evolve.  Professional development is encouraged and supported as the course plan grows.

Teachers must have the skills to reach students with engaging lesson plan, creative resources, innovative approach to presenting content, provide support, act as a mentor, and continue professional development. 
1) Design and plans instruction.
2) Create and maintains a learning climate.
3) Implements and manages instruction.
4) Assesses learning and communicates results.
5) Collaborates with colleagues, parents, and others.
6) Engages in professional development and responsibilities.
Interested parties should submit a letter of interest, resume, and current letters of reference.
Job Requirements: 
Bachelor’s degree
2 years experience

Job Description

The Director of Student Services is responsible for the day-to-day well-being of all students in the supportive areas of activities, extra-curricular offerings, dorm life, and community cohesion. Working closely with all staff (coaches, teachers, and residential) is essential. Exposing students to a variety of experiences to broaden their world will be the emphasis in this position.  
This individual will oversee/assist in the coordination of student activities, service-learning projects and extra-curricular events - i.e. Winter Dinner, prom, yearbook, graduation, last day festivities, orientation activities, etc.
Oversight of dorm life and staff will include room preparation, schedules, awareness of all policies, activities, transportation coordination as needed, coordination of meal schedule, communication with parents, coaches, and staff as needed. 
The Director of Student Services will be part the discipline committee that will review and develop (as needed) policies around student behavior. This will also include the discussion and delivery of consequences unique to individual situations. 
Responsibilities include:
  • Meeting with students individually and in group settings.
  • Assisting with the Social Emotional Learning Program appropriate to age.
  • Providing direction and resources to staff as needed (academics).
  • Create and coordinate extracurricular activities for community and for dorm students. 
  • Work with staff and students on direction of extra-curricular activities.
  • Assist in developing/defining (with a committee) behavior expectations and appropriate consequences.
  • Coordinate transportation for activities, appointments, shopping, etc.
  • Arrange appointments as needed (DR visits, etc).
A Bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in school counseling and experience working with adolescents. This is a full-year position.  

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The ambition of the Mt. Mansfield Academy is to provide the support and direction necessary for each young person to achieve their personal potential, goals and dreams.