List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • How many students attend?

    We are a small school. The 2022-2023 enrollment is a total of 60 students in grades 6 through 12.
  • What classes do you offer?

    Because our format is highly individualized, we are able to offer nearly any high school class that exists. From Art to Astronomy and Chemistry to Cooking we do it all. This year we offered five different foreign languages, French, Spanish, German, Latin, and Chinese, and more than a dozen AP classes across the entire range of subjects.
  • Do you offer a full-year academic program?

    Yes, in addition to our Winter Term, that is in operation November through April. During the Winter Term, students attend a “sending school” in their hometown and join us for the winter months.
  • Do you offer a boarding option?

    Yes, our dorm rooms are on the first and second floors of our lodge building and a live-in dorm staff and chef provide support for, and guidance to, our boarding students.
  • Which school provides course curriculum?

    In September, we send material to each student requesting them to share forms with their teachers/guidance counselors. Each teacher must provide detail on the course curriculum and describe his/her preference for the method of teaching. The sending school teacher has the option of providing all material (assignments, quizzes, tests, projects) or accepting the material of our teacher at the end of the academic session.
  • How many students are in each class?

    We provide an unparalleled academic experience in that most of our classes have just one student. That’s it, just you and the teacher.
  • Can students keep up with their work with so much training and racing?

    Yes, it’s a delicate balance that asks a lot of the student and careful coordination between teachers, administrators, and coaches. Students do have assigned study hall time in their schedule and must make productive use of that time. Boarding students have scheduled, supervised study time in the evenings as well.
  • How does skiing fit into our academic program?

    Our students have access to the finest training facilities and coaching available. Our student-athletes receive tailored guidance from their teachers and the broader academic staff as they pursue their passion for skiing while maintaining necessary focus on academics.