MMA Athletics

Mt. Mansfield Academy’s Athletic Program concentrates on the progression of athleticism and cognitive strength in skiing through the habitual development of physical literacy in student-athletes through time. Effectively executed training sessions target the mastery of technical and tactical skills within multi-year periodized training plans focusing on fundamental skill acquisition and progression specific to the development of the individual student-athlete. Adaptable alpine ski racers are developed through exposure to a variety of fun and challenging gate, non-gate, and all-mountain training environments. Versatile skills, mobility, and physical fitness are enhanced through complementary sports and activities. Aerobic fitness as well as agility, balance, coordination, and resilience are required to achieve success in high levels of alpine ski competition.
Physical conditioning is optimized with periodized fitness plans with the consideration of individual student-athlete’s years in sport, development phase, and/or return to sport needs. The implementation of regular strength & conditioning sessions and participation in complementary sports reduce the relative risk of injury to student-athletes while maintaining their mobility and avoiding burnout. Mountain biking will serve as MMA’s main complementary off-season sport as it offers great cardiovascular conditioning, agility, balance, and coordination. The town of Stowe, and the surrounding areas offer a variety of options for every rider regardless of ability, that will improve their overall fitness and skill.

Cognitive training produces more well-rounded alpine competitors. Through various tools and mindfulness exercises, they will learn how to focus and manage their thoughts and emotions experienced in competitive alpine ski racing. The ability to remain positive with
oneself despite difficult situations is the largest determinant of continued involvement in alpine ski racing, in addition to long-term success in sport, and life.
The physical literacy and cognitive strength approach differentiates our organization from other, more traditional ski academies. Most other academies focus on team sports, which do not effectively complement individual athletic development plans. Our individualized approach is an opportunity to communicate a unique athletic philosophy.