College Counseling

College Planning

The college planning process at MMA begins when each student enters 9th grade and continues through their senior year with the submission of college applications. Each student will have an account in our college planning platform, Naviance, which builds each year based on their interests, learning styles, and long term goals.  

MMA provides all students access to a multitude of Career Exploration tools, whereby students can learn about careers that best match their personality, interests, and potential skill areas while also learning about their strengths and possible blind spots. These assessments can be taken more than once as they grow and change throughout high school.

An individualized student-centered plan is developed that engages every student based on their unique interests and strengths helping them to understand the relevancy of education to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals.  It provides student support and assistance in setting goals for academic, career, social emotional, and physical development that meet rigorous high school and postsecondary expectations. This written plan and supporting activities, such as student portfolios, experiences outside the classroom, along with academic/personal records should be electronic portable following the student from school to school and district to district.
Faculty work with students in exploring future career and college options. Career expectations are addressed and include basic skills, computer literacy, problem solving and decision making, interpersonal communication, personal qualities, and job seeking skills. The employment process is explored through researching career opportunities, completing a career interest inventory, and developing a personal learning, college search & career plan.  Students will have an account in Naviance to research colleges and universities, coordinate college applications and track the application process.