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  • 1930s

    The 1930s mark the beginning of organized skiing in Stowe. Trails were cut on Mt. Mansfield. The era saw the formation of the club, the hiring of Stowe’s first professional instructors and the formation of the nation’s earliest ski patrol. Racing arrived in Stowe and so did lift service.
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  • 1940s

    America’s entry into the 2nd World War dramatically affected the course of skiing in Stowe. One of Stowe’s greatest stars, Marilyn Shaw was denied the opportunity to compete in the 1940 and 1944 Olympics, cancelled because the war. Many MMSC skiers joined the new 10th Mountain Division. It was an era that also brought many new lifts and trails to Stowe.
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  • 1950s

    The war had ended, skiing continued to boom. Spruce Peak opened. C.V. Starr brings the world’s best alpine racers to Mount Mansfield in a series of unprecedented American International Races. MMSC starts junior skiing program.
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  • 1960s

    This decade brought the fame of the MMSC to new heights. MMSC skiers won Olympic medals.  The world’s very best skiers came to race in Stowe. “Citizen racing” began, later to evolve into today’s ski bum racing. More lifts, more trails and even a gondola came to Stowe.
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  • 1970s

    The decade of the seventies is best seen as the last era before innovation really took hold in the sport of skiing. The club continued to see success as its best athletes competed successfully on the international stages of the Olympics, the FIS World Championships and the new World Cup. Freestyle skiing came to Stowe as well as professional ski racing. The Ski Bum races began.
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  • 1980s

    The 80’s really marked the beginning of the modern era of skiing. Snowmaking and grooming in Stowe expanded, and Stowe installed its first high-speed lift. Ski technology changed more and more, the World Cup was fully established and the success of the Mahre Brothers led American skiing to the forefront of the world stage. MMSC was well represented at all of the Olympic Games of that era.
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  • 1990s

    The scope of the MMSC in the 1990s grew to include alpine and freestyle snowboard training and the freestyle program, inspired by the success of local skiers Jim Moran and Justin Patnode, continued to develop. Shaped skis began to appear on the hill and the alpine world was changed forever. The Ski Bum racers dominated their rivals from Sugarbush and the weekly series grew to 200 racers.
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  • 2000s

    The first decade of the new century is full of promise for the club. The Mount Mansfield Winter Academy moves to a new home. New stars are representing the club on the World Cup alpine and snowboard circuits. The junior programs are loaded with young talent.
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  • 2010s

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