Our teachers work above and beyond to ensure the success of our student-athletes.
The MMA faculty are deeply committed to our students and school, possess both a depth of knowledge and of teaching skills, and are amazing role models.

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  • Jamie Birmingham

    Social Studies/History
    B.A. Political Science, Trinity College
    Interests include skiing and hiking
    Dog or Cat? Dog
  • Kate Apple

    B.A. French, Old Dominion University
    M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction + Literacy Specialist K-12, Johnson State College
    Interests include yoga, hiking, and riding horses
    Dog or Cat? Dog
  • Anna Burke

    B.S. Education, University of Vermont
    Interests include knitting/crocheting and running
    Dog or Cat? Cat
  • Clint Carrick

    B.A. English, University of Vermont
    M.A. English, UMass Amherst
    Interests include skateboarding
    Dog or Cat? Dog

  • Chap Chenowith

    B.S., M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Interests include skiing, cycling, and tennis
    Dog or Cat? Cat
  • Ellie Daly

    Science and Health
    B.S. Human Health and Physiological Sciences, Skidmore College
    Interests include skiing, knitting, and coaching youth sports
    Dog or Cat? Dog
  • Seychelle Duckworth

    B.S. Biotechnology, Marywood University
    M. Sc. Biotechnology, Marywood University
    Interests include baking and reading
    Dog or Cat? Dog

  • Lelia Evans

    B.A. International Studies, Colby College
    M.A. Spanish Language and Literature, Middlebury College
    Interests include gardening and hiking
    Dog or Cat? Dog
  • Lori Furrer

    Head of School
    B.S. Allied Health, Sports Medicine, Johnson State College
    M.A. Counseling & Clinical Mental Health, Johnson State College
    Interests include golf and fly fishing
    Dog or Cat? Dog
  • Laurie Hurley

    BS/MS, Math
    M. Ed, Education
  • Karen Kelly

    B.A. Secondary Education, University of Vermont
    M.A. History, Montclair State University
    Interests include hiking and skiing
    Dog or Cat? Neither
  • Micheline Lemay

    BA, Outdoor Education
    MA, Education
  • Dave MacGowan

    B.A. History, Middlebury College
    M.Ed. Education, Lehigh University
    M.A. TESOL, St. Michael's College
    Interests include hiking, skiing, and golf
    Dog or Cat? Dog

  • Don McDowell

    B.S. Ecology
    M.Sc. Ecology
    Interests include skiing, carpentry, and motorcycling
    Dog or Cat? Cat
  • Joe McGovern

    BA/MA, English
  • Juliet O'Neil

    Arts, Graphic Design
    B.A. (partial), English/Art, Johnson State University
    Interests include equestrian, gardening, and running
    Dog or Cat? Dog
  • Michelle Rath

    School Counseling
    B.A. Psychology, University of Winnipeg
    M.Ed. Educational Psychology and Counseling, McGill University
    Ph.D. Rehabilitation Counseling, Syracuse University
    Interests include traveling, canoeing, and travel
    Dog or Cat? Dog
  • Mary Stewart

    English, Student Services
    B.A. English, University of Vermont
    M.A. Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English
    Interests include XC skiing and theater
    Dog or Cat? Cat

  • Norm Williams

    B.A. History, University of Vermont
    M.A. Latin American History, UConn
    CAS Education,  University of Vermont
    Interests include skiing, travelling, and kayaking
    Dog or Cat? Dog

Winter Term Faculty

Kyle Bergeron, Science, B.S. Biology, Tufts University
Weston Branch
, Math/Computer Science/Philosophy, B.A. Philosophy, MIddlebury College, B.S. Applied Computer Science, Colorado Boulder College of Engineering & Applied Science
Castle, History/Business, B.A. Economics, St. Lawrence University, M.Ed. University of Vermont 
Nancy Gleason
, Math, B.S. Environmental Studies and Political Science, University of Vermont
Laura Goddard, Latin, J.D.
Elaine Jones
, Language Arts, B.A. English; Elementary Education Certification; Middle School Language Arts Certification
Alyssa Landry, Math/Health, B.S. Mathematics and Art and Art History, St. Lawrence University
Kirby Lindemer
, History/Graphic Design, B.A. History, Hobart and William Smith
Jacob Lowe
, English/Social Studies/Geography/Psychology
Harriet Melbourne, Spanish, B.A. Hispanic Languages and Literature, McGill University
Sebastian Sweatman,
Math, B.A. Political Science & Art, University of Vermont, M.B.A. University of Vermont
Noah Wilson
, Math and Science, B.S. Biology, Boston College