Student Assistance

Each student will develop and assist in their ongoing plan of learning. Working with staff, students will identify their learning styles, develop an individual organizational plan, set academic short-term and long-term goals and discuss strengths and weaknesses. Students will revisit and update their plans on a monthly basis with the focus on goals attained and work that needs to be done for goals still in progress. The goal for each student will be to meet them where they are, foster individual academic success, develop confident learners and promote independence and self-advocacy.
Academic support will be available to all students with scheduling dependent on the needs identified by both the student and teaching staff. There will be three different levels of support: as needed, once weekly and three times per week. These sessions will be built into the student’s standing schedule.
Any student who requires formal or specific educational needs will need to provide supporting documentation from an outside assessment service. This documentation should provide clear information identifying accommodations, services and supports recommended for the student. In the event that a student requires a specific type of support not offered by in-house staff, an additional fee will be assessed for any outside personnel.