Front Four Society

The Front Four Society, formed in 2012, was created by MMA as a way for people to be able to bequest money to MMA through their wills, living trusts, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, certificates of deposit, or other accounts.

Named after the famous Front Four ski trails (Starr, National, Liftline, and Goat) across the frontside of Stowe, the Society has one simple way to join: a $1,000 minimum bequest.

“What we’re trying to do is make it easier for people to give,” explains Front Four Society member David Holton. “You might not be writing a check today, but this way you will be remembered for supporting future generations of MMA student athletes.”

Members of the Society will receive a beautifully crafted lapel pin, perfect for a ski jacket or sport coat, and attractive for men and women alike. The pin is a unique emblem Society members can wear with pride to show their involvement with MMA, and encourage others to join.

Eventually, bequests through the society will allow MMA to provide more young skiers with financial support, help to increase interest in competitive skiing, and finance present programs that aren’t covered by tuition fees. Half of Front Four Society donations will go to scholarships, and the other half towards MMSCA’s annual fund or endowment.

If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a member of the Front Four Society? email the Executive Director.

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