Full-Time Academy

Mt. Mansfield Academy is excited to be heading into our third year of our Full Time Academy Program for the 2022-23 school year! We know that it will continue to be an excellent addition to our current Winter-Term Academy Program.


For nearly 30 years, our Academy has cultivated a commitment to high academic standards, and prioritized the personal development of our student-athletes. Our Full-Time program builds on our reputation of academic excellence while maintaining our dedication to our community-based, family-oriented atmosphere.

Those years of experience with the Winter-Term have given us insights into the ways many different schools operate, and has informed the way our curriculum is structured. Unlike other ski academies, our Academy offers a full roster of advanced courses, including AP courses, and electives in several subject areas. Our Full-Time Academy program is an Approved Independent School, certified by the Vermont Agency of Education.

In addition to our traditional courses, MMA offers the AP Capstone Diploma. This two-year program is based on two AP courses, AP Seminar, and AP Research. The Capstone Diploma program is designed to teach skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and public speaking.  To earn the AP Capstone Diploma notation,  a student must complete both the Seminar and Research courses, plus 4 additional AP courses of their choosing. This program affords our student-athletes the ability to stand out among their peers in the college application process, by showcasing their long-term commitment to high-level academics.

Admissions Inquiry

Applications for admission to the Full-Time Academy program are now being accepted. The deadline for new applicants is April 1st, and decisions will be announced by May 1st. All new applicants are subject to a one-time application fee of $75. For questions about this program, please email academics@mmsca.org.