• A new Toll House was built and East and West Slope at Little Spruce constructed, serviced by two rope tows in tandem.
  • George Morrell sells The Lodge to the Mt. Mansfield Hotel Company, Sepp Ruschp-General Manager.
  • With the purchase of the controlling interest of the Mt. Mansfield Chair Lift by the Mt. Mansfield Hotel Company over the past summer, certain new policies were established. One was the interchangeability of T-Bar, Chair Lift and Rope Tow tickets.
  • George Macomber breaks Nose Dive record at the Eastern Championships. Christian Pravda (AUT) wins the Combined (previous mark was established by Milton Hutchinson in 1940).
  • Olavi Alakupti wins Stowe Derby.
  • Rudy Nelson wins Vic Constant Memorial
  • Dave Lawrence and Andrea Mead (Lawrence) are Sugar Slalom winners.
  • Last year of operation of Ranch Camp.
  • March 1950 – Stowe votes “Wet” all the way!


  • Charlie Blauvelt, as MMSC President, pushed membership to 500.
  • Our club logo was designed by Frank Springer-Miller and all wore their badges proudly. All members dressed in green, and painted skis green with MMSC logo stenciled in yellow.
  • Slope at Spruce is widened and a new T-Bar Lift is installed. This new lift, the latest design of the John A. Roebling and Sons Co., has a capacity of 800 skiers an hour.
  • Ski School instructors, Pepi Gabl and Karl Fahrner, were coaching.
  • The women’s Eastern Combined Championships were held, with MMSC’s Ginny Hunt and Helen McLeod placing 2nd and 3rd, respectively.
  • Stowe hosts National Junior Downhill and Slalom Championships February 10-11.
  • Ray Harlow wins Stowe Derby. Charlie Lord is first in the veteran’s class.
  • Verne Goodwin wins Vic Constant Memorial.
  • Otto Linher (MMSC) and Madi Springer-Miller (MMSC) win Sugar Slalom.


  • The Junior Skiing Committee launches a school ski program (known today as the school “Friday Program”).
  • Nose Dive is extended to the top of the Nose to give an additional 500 feet of vertical drop for present total of just over 2,500 feet, which is required for the up-coming National championships.
  • MMSC hosted 1952 National Downhill, Slalom and Combined Championships. Ernie McCulloch (Mt. Tremblant) wins the downhill while Jack Reddish takes the slalom and the combined. MMSC’s Pepi Gabl is second in slalom, and Chic Igaya is third. Andrea Mead Lawrence wins all events for the women. Lena Gale (3rd DH, 2nd SL, and 3rd Combined), Ann Shaw (4th DH, 5th Combined), and Madi Springer-Miller (5th DH, 3rd SL, and 4th Combined) produce excellent results for the ski club.
  • C.V. Starr and Sepp Ruschp invite the medalists from the 1952 Olympics to compete at the U.S. Nationals at Mt. Mansfield. Among those invited include Othmar Schneider and Stein Erickson.
  • Dave Hazelett and Dave Partridge develop the first electronic finish-line eye to be used in American racing.
  • Local star Lena Gale won Eastern GS final and was sent to Europe to train by C.V. Starr.
  • Madi Springer-Miller is named to the 1952 Olympic Team.
  • The millionth skier on the single chair, Pat Sweetser of Cambridge, MA, was given a lifetime season pass, ski lessons, ski weekend, and $50 gift certificate.
  • Tom Corcoran wins Vic Constant Memorial
  • No Stowe Derby was held.
  • Doug Burden (MIDD) and Madi Springer-Miller (MMSC) win Sugar Slalom.


  • Dwight “Ted” Means became Club President.
  • MMSC hosts U.S. Nationals Giant Slalom in conjunction with the North American Championships. Many of the top European racers attend, with Stein Eriksen (NOR) and Andrea Meade Lawrence (USA) taking top honors.
  • The 6th Vic Constant Memorial race is held on January 18. MMSC’s Othmar Schneider is 1st, and Karl Fahrner 3rd.
  • No Stowe Derby was held.
  • The Sugar Slalom becomes a 2-day event due to large numbers of entries in the previous year. The first day is a qualifying day.


  • MMSC celebrates 20th Anniversary, Charlie Daly president.
  • Marvin Moriarty wins Eastern Junior Slalom and Combined and he and Billy Woods head west to the U.S. Junior Nationals. Marvin was injured but Billy was 2nd in the combined.
  • Chiharu Igaya of Dartmouth wins the Sugar Slalom in the spring. He was a protégé of C.V. Starr, who trained regularly in Stowe.
  • Dave Cassidy is the winner of the Stowe Derby.
  • Karl Fahrner wins Vic Constant Memorial race.


  • The Big Spruce Double Chair, manufactured by Roebling, opened on December 18th, 1954. This was the first double chair (and highest capacity lift) in the U.S. at that time. (960 skiers per hour). Sepp dedicates to “Skiing youth of America”.
  • Stowe hosts second American International races. Anderl “Blitz from Kitz” Molterer of Austria wins men’s GS and Slalom. Andrea Mead Lawrence wins women’s GS and Slalom.
  • MMSC skier and engineer Bill Hazelett develops the “Stowe Safety Binding” – one of the first releasable bindings.
  • Martin Strolz is winner of the 8th Vic Constant Memorial race.
  • Billy Woods wins the Sugar Slalom.


  • Spruce House was built as well as the Toll House T-bar.
  • Marvin Moriarty was chosen for the U.S. Olympic Team, the youngest at 17. Two weeks prior to the Olympics, he breaks his ankle in the Hannenkahm downhill race at Kitzbuhel, Austria.
  • 17-year-old Billy Woods wins the U.S. National Downhill and Combined Championship and is second in the slalom at Squaw Valley to cap off a successful season. He also wins the USEASA Jr. Title, Ryan Cup, New England Kandahar, Blackwater SL and the Sugar Slalom.
  • Egil Stigum wins Vic Constant Memorial
  • Without any “big” race events on the 1956 race program, the Club puts their energy into “Carnival Weekend” on March 10-11th. The Club plans many events: Club Championships (150 entrants, Roger Page, and Madi Springer-Miller are winners), Obstacle Course (Billy Woods is winner), Exhibition Slalom (Chic Igaya triumphs), and several other events.
  • A new publication of the Mt. Mansfield Ski Club is available in Stowe: STOWE GUIDE AND DIRECTORY, A Complimentary Service for Old and New Friends of Stowe Skiing. (Another first for the Club!) The STOWE GUIDE is presented free to all guests at inns and lodges in Stowe. It is compiled and edited by Frank Springer-Miller, a Director and Vice President of the MMSC.


  • The Mt. Mansfield Company sets new lift tickets rates: $6.50 per day and $150 per season. Club members paid $5.50 per day or $135 per season.
  • A 40 meter ski jump was constructed in Ranch Valley about a half a mile from the bottom of Harlow Hill, with hopes to add 70 meter hill in the future. Mt. Mansfield Company gave the Club a lease on the land and contributed two bulldozers (at cost). George Kurronen, one time Finnish jumper, was the main spark for the jump.
  • MMSC’s rising star Billy Woods wins the tenth and final Vic Constant Memorial DH and SL race. A few months later (April 25, 1957) he is killed in a car accident.
  • Madi Springer-Miller is U.S. National Women’s Combined Champion.
  • Jack Shearer and Paul Sutton led 59 club members on first MMSC charter flight to Europe.
  • Bob Bourdon is the Club DH Champion, which was held down the Toll Road and Lord as snow conditions did not permit the use of the Sterling Trail.
  • Gary Vaughn (Norwich) and Helen Wichowsky (MMSC) win Sugar Slalom.


  • Gale Shaw replaces Charles Daly as Club President. Charles Daly becomes President of USEASA.
  • Sepp Ruschp is awarded the American Ski Trophy, presented annually by the G.H. Bass Company to the individual who has played a leading role in the development of skiing in America.
  • Tom Corcoran and Sally Deaver join the ski club, and both are named to the U.S. team to compete in the FIS World Championships at Bad Gastein, Austria. Sally Deaver wins a silver medal in the giant slalom.
  • The first annual Stowe Cup replaces the Vic Constant Memorial Race on the event schedule, and is dedicated to Billy Woods. Bill Beck wins the Downhill event which was run on the newly finished Smuggler’s Trail.
  • Eastern DH, SL and Alpine Championships held February 28th – March 1st.
  • Billy Kidd is selected to the National Junior Team.
  • The MMSC Gala weekend featured the Club downhill on Sterling trail, torchlight parade and huge party with music by Bob Bourdon.
  • Gary Vaughn (Norwich) and Renie Cox (Middlebury) win Sugar Slalom.


  • Club membership reaches nearly 2,000.
  • Sepp Ruschp appointed organizer for 1960 Olympics in Squaw Valley.
  • Ed McMahon provides MMSC with a 9 passenger station wagon at cost, for a raffle to raise money for the U.S. Olympic Team Fund.
  • MMSC funds to send seven “Class A” racers out west to compete in Olympic tryout races. (Tom Corcoran, Marvin Moriarty, Tom Perry, Jim Laird, Art Brietsprecher, Sally Deaver, and Gretchen W.) This program pays off since every major race held in the East thus far this season has been won by a member of the MMSC.
    • Orvis Cup (Bromley) – Othmar Schneider
    • Stowe Cup – Class A Tom Corcoran, Class B Kurt Reichelt
    • Gibson Cup (North Conway) – Tom Corcoran, Sally Deaver
    • USEASA Giant Slalom – Sally Deaver
    • Fisk Trophy (Suicide Six) – Tom Corcoran, Sally Deaver
    • Ryan Cup (Mt Tremblant) – Marvin Moriarty
  • Club hosts the 1959 Vermont State Championship races, which also served as Olympic Tryouts. Buddy Werner and Betsy Snite are overall winners. MMSC results: Tom Corcoran (3rd), Tony Perry (9th), Marvin Moriarty (16th), James Laird (17th), and Kurt Reichelt (35th).
  • MMSP ends relationship with the NSP organization.