• John Flint became Club president. Charles Black and Dave Partridge are Vice Presidents, and Peter Dresser is Treasurer. Paul Biedermann began as permanent Secretary of the Club.
  • The Northern Vermont Junior Council (NVC) is formed and included MMSC, Smugglers, Lyndonville and Jay Peak. This council will promote team skiing competition for children in age bracket 8 through 13. MMSC wins the boys team title.
  • Members may now purchase lift tickets at the Ski Club office, which was moved to Spruce House at the Little Spruce area.
  • MMSC again offers two-day race training clinics.
  • Betsy Snite (later to take up residence in Stowe), won the slalom silver medal at the Squaw Valley Olympics. She was also 4th in the giant slalom. Tom Corcoran, racing for MMSC, was 4th in the giant slalom (best Olympic results by a U.S. male at the time) and 9th in the slalom.
  • Marvin Moriarty won the Stowe Cup, Billy Kidd was third.
  • The Austrians swept the men’s American International races held in Stowe on March 11-13. Betsy Snite was second overall.
  • Rip McManus wins Sugar Slalom in 54.8 seconds. MMSC’s Les Streeter 2nd, Jim Laird 4th, and Marvin Moriarty 5th.  Marsha Fletcher (Pico) wins women’s race.  MMSC’s Judy Butler is 6th, and Patty Harrington 7th.


  • The Mt. Mansfield double chair opened in December, as well as new trails named Centerline, Hayride, International (later changed to Starr), and Chamois (later Goat).
  • Marvin Moriarty retired Mt. Tremblant’s Ryan Cup. Billy Kidd was 2nd, Les Streeter 3rd, and Rip McManus 4th – a sweep for MMSC!
  • MMSC scheduled to host National Junior Alpine Championships in March, but races were moved to Sugarloaf due to poor snow conditions in Stowe.
  • MMSC membership dues for the 1960-61 season:
    • Senior – $8.50
    • Husband & Wife: $12.50
    • Family Junior – $2.00
    • Junior – $3.00
  • Stowe conducts Junior Race Training Program on January 14-15th. Council tryouts are held on Jan 14th to select team. Girls Team: Cathy Harrington, Terry Taplin, Janice Miller and Christie Ruschp. Boys Team: John Nichols, Chris Bryan, Ricky Bourdon, Pete White, John Deves and Wyman Flint.
  • Skip Bryan, 16, of Stowe, Vt., wins the boys’ Junior National Slalom in 1:29.4 for the half-mile, 50-gate course at Pinkham Notch, NH.
  • Sepp Ruschp elected president of the National Ski Association.
  • The Stowe-Mansfield Association is changed to Stowe Area Association.


  • The weekly Little Spruce Giant Slalom was started on Wednesday afternoons – 50 cents entry. Two gold (Rigo Thurmer and Malcolm George), 37 silver, and 29 bronze pins awarded.
  • Billy Kidd gains world-wide attention when he finished eighth in the slalom and 12th in the giant slalom at the 1962 World Championships at Chamonix, France.
  • Patty Harrington and Skip Bryan at Junior Nationals. Rip was in the Army but training in Colorado with the U.S. Team.
  • Patti Harrington (MMSC) and John Clough (MIDD) win Sugar Slalom.
  • Ni Orsi (Northwood) and Elena Bookstrom (MIDD) are Stowe Cup combine champions.
  • Vt Alpine J1&2 Championships held on February 3-4. Patty Harrington wins slalom, Olivia Hall (Appalachian Mtn) wins DH. Ni Orsi (Northwood) win SL and DH.
  • Billy, Skip and Peter Ruschp spent summer racing and winning in Chile.
  • Marvin Moriarty turns professional.
  • First women enter Stowe Derby [SMR timeline].


  • The Little Spruce Chair began service to new East Run, West Run, and Side Street.
  • Pat Daly coordinates coaching MMSC Junior Program, and is named Eastern Jr. Alpine Chairman. JI&II program fees are $30, while JIII&IV fees are $10.
  • Nor-Am Championships & Olympic Tryout races are held on March 8-10. GS and SL held on National, DH on Nose Dive. Rip McManus (U.S. Army) wins GS. Marsha Fletcher (KSC) win GS and SL. Gordie Eaton wins SL and DH. Sandy Bower (MMSC) wins women’s DH.
  • In the Stowe Cup, Billy Kidd led the way with strong individual placing by Gordi Eaton, Peter Ruschp, Roger Buchika (also MMSC’s) and Skip Bryan.
  • Rick Chaffee (KSC) and Rosie Fortna (MMSC) win Sugar Slalom.
  • Patti Harrington won the Vt. Junior Alpine Championships and qualified for the Nationals.
  • The MMSC’s Billy Kidd and Rip McManus were both named to the 1964 U.S. Olympic Team in Innsbruck.
  • Membership in club reaches 4,200.


  • Space formerly occupied by the Club office, in Spruce House is transformed into an Austrian Stuberl. New Ski Club building, shared with Ski Patrol, is located at the foot of the SL Hill.
  • First time club has full-time coach – Pat Daly is in charge, with Jim Walker helping with J3&4s on weekends. To cover costs, a $25 fee is charged for J1&2 and $10 for J3&4. The trainees received free lift privileges.
  • Louise Sparks, Ron Biedermann, Ken Biedermann, Dave Hazelett, Ray Rossi, Dave Tuholski, Matt Lukens, Dennis Lukens, and Todd Buik are named to the Northern Vermont Council JIII & IV All-Star Team.
  • Rosie Fortna, Terry Taplin, Ricky Skinger, Cathy Harrington, and John Nichols are named to the JI & II Vermont Team, and competed at the Easterns at Sugarloaf. Rosie and Terry make Eastern Team and head off to the Jr. National Alpine Championships at Alpine Meadows California.
  • Patty Harrington and Roger Buchika won Orvis Trophy.
  • Billy Kidd took silver in the Innsbruck’s Olympic Slalom – only 0.14 seconds behind Austria’s Pepi Stiegler. Jimmy Heuga was the bronze medalist. Those were the first American alpine medals in Olympic history. Bob Beattie praises Rip’s contribution and effort. Billy also took bronze in the combined.
  • After Stowe’s celebratory parade, a post-Olympic race was held. Billy Kidd and Jr. Rebel Ryan were 1st and 2nd in GS, Buddy Werner the DH winner, Italy’s Pia Riva and Jean Soubert won the women’s events – all filmed by CBS.
  • Billy Kidd wins Aspen’s Roch Cup.
  • Moriarty wins International Pro Ski Race to become first American male to beat Europeans in 44 years.
  • Rebel Ryan (Pico) and Suzanne Chaffee (KSC) wins combined at Stowe Cup.
  • The up and coming Cochran kids dominated the junior Sugar Slalom results.


  • Shamus Daly and Frank Alling coaching the JIII&IVs. Jr. Program budget is $8,405.
  • Rosie Fortna and Gordi Eaton took Stowe Cup combined honors. The slalom was held on Spruce Peak and a giant slalom was held on Lift Line on Mt. Mansfield.
  • The State of Vermont honors Billy, Betsy, and Andrea Mead Lawrence with a float in Inaugural Parade.
  • Billy Kidd wins second Aspen Roch Cup.
  • Erica “Ricky” Skinger wins Vt. Junior Championships on February 13–14, leading the field by 1.5 seconds in the downhill over favored Marilyn Cochran of Madonna Ski Club. She later goes on to win the Eastern Downhill Championships by 7.73 seconds. Bucky Doria (Kimball) is boys combined winner.
  • J3&4 State SL Championship is won by Bob Cochran, with Ron Biedermann in second. Barbara Cochran wins girls race, ahead of sister Lindy.
  • The 26th Sugar Slalom has 380 participants, up from 330 in 1960, the record high. Tom Easton (Middlebury) won and Skip Bryan was 2nd. Marilyn Cochran is first for the girls, with Rosie Fortna in second.


  • Bill Harrington became Club President.
  • Trowbridge Elliman takes over publication of Club newsletter from Luther Booth.
  • In preparation for the upcoming 1966 U.S. Alpine Championships, the Nose Dive was straightened – the 7 turns became 3 – all for FIS approval and groom-ability.
  • Billy Kidd wins Buddy Werner Award given to the outstanding USSA competitor who demonstrated leadership and good sportsmanship in national or international competition.
  • Stowe hosts U.S. Alpine Championships – Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat on top, Jean Claude Killy was combined 2nd, and Jimmy Heuga was 3rd. 10,000 spectators, with CBS coverage hosted by Bob Beattie and Betsy Snite.
  • Ricky Skinger and the Cochran kids trained with U.S. Ski Team in Vail. Gordi Eaton was a USST Coach.
  • Duncan Cullman (Franconia) wins Stowe Cup.
  • 565 skiers compete in Sugar Slalom.


  • Ricky Skinger won the combined championship at the Junior Nationals, held on her home hill winning the Nose Dive downhill by 1.32 seconds.
  • Weezie Sparks scorched the Vermont Junior field, with slalom and GS victories. As a result, both Weezie and Ricky were invited to train with the U.S. Team in Bend, Oregon, and Ricky went to Chile.
  • The first World Cup competitions staged. Credited with the Cup’s inception are U.S. Ski Team Coach Bob Beattie, French Ski Team Coach Honore Bonnet and French journalist Serge Lang. (Ski/R 1983 p.49)


  • Snowmaking comes to Little Spruce.
  • Billy Kidd was named to the Grenoble, France, Winter Olympic squad. He takes 5th in the giant slalom (wins second run), 15th in the downhill and falls in the slalom.
  • Billy Kidd wins his third Aspen’s Roch Cup.
  • Racing in Europe, Ricky Skinger competed with Karen Budge (Eaton).
  • The MMSC Junior race program had new stars coming along, such as Cece Teague, Ron Biedermann, and Greg Bartlett. Along with Steve Murphy, Allison Teague and Sally Flory, they attended a U.S. junior camp coached by Gordi Eaton.
  • The Sugar Slalom is cancelled due to lack of snow.


  • The original gondola, the Cliff House, and new trails opened in November.
  • Rip McManus stars as “Bruce Devore” in the movie Downhill Racer also featuring Robert Redford.
  • International Alpine (F.I.S.) Ski Competition held at Stowe.
  • Tyler Palmer and Deb Flanders win final Stowe Cup.
  • C.V. Starr dies on December 20, 1968.
  • Sugar Slalom is held on April 12-14. Steve Lathrop (Holderness) and Karen Middleton (Stratton) are winners.