• Paul Biedermann was honored for his 20 years of service as Executive Director of the MMSC. Steve Adams was serving as Club President.
  • A huge expansion of snow making occurred – 7 miles of cover. Lookout Double chair is installed. (First snow-making on Mt. Mansfield)
  • Main Street and North Slope approved for use in international competition by Willy Schaeffler, representative of the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS).
  • Tiger Shaw, Beth Morrissey, and Heidi Knight all were U.S. National Junior Team members. However, $8,000 per skier for 8 months was required.
  • Mac MacInnis was the new Head Coach and Program Director. Bob Bortree and George Tormey were JI&II coaches, and Mark Hutchinson and Peter Knights taking the JIIIs & IVs.
  • Another Grand Marnier victory was won by the MMSC Team ’80 (Kitty Ross, Ken Kero, Nancy Buonanno, Roger Wighton, Karen Susslin and Jay Laird) beating defending Champions MMSC Team ’79.
  • MMSC’s juniors summered in Zermatt with John Morton’s Swiss Challenge Camp.
  • The World Pro Ski Tour was here for Winter Carnival with a $60,000 purse. Televised by NBC Sports.
  • John Teague wins 1980 NCAA GS (held at Stowe) for the University of Vermont.
  • The Sugar Slalom is held on April 12-13, and winners are Michael Lane (WVBBTS) and Gayle Voelkef (BMA).
  • Stowe Derby was cancelled due to lack of snow.
  • A cross country committee was organized in the club.


  • Henry Simoneau retired as Mountain Manager after a great racing youth and Stowe ski instructor stint. He also served for many years as Chairman of the Club’s Race Committee.
  • After winning the Nor-Am Series, Tiger Shaw was named “Ski Racing’s Junior of the Year”.
  • Nor-Am slalom races held on February 10-11, on North Slope. Mark Tache and Hansi Standteiner are winners.
  • John Morrissey was at Middlebury, but still went to Europe with the USST prepping for World Cup races.
  • George Tormey takes over as Head Coach.
  • Doug Powell wins U.S. Downhill Championship.
  • Stowe and Smugglers Notch hosted the second International Special Olympics. The first was in Steamboat Springs, so Billy Kidd played a part, along with Maria Shriver. It was a huge event, with many competitions, fireworks, bagpipes and parties.
  • Avis Cup Pro Tour  is held on January 16-18. Robert Schucter wins slalom, and Ritchie Woodworth wins giant slalom.


  • The Toll House slopes closed with ceremonies featuring a “last run” by the Stowe Ski School, and a celebration hosted at the location of the very first lift.
  • The Easy Mile trail and new lift replaced the Toll House T-bar.
  • Dan Lax and MMSC crew created a new computer program which made instant printed results possible, seconds after the last racer finished.
  • Tiger Shaw wins NCAA SL for Dartmouth.
  • Womens NCAA Championships are held in Stowe on March 10-13.
  •  Mark Smith and Leslie Baker are Sugar Slalom winners.


  • MMSC celebrated Golden Anniversary with an evening of dance with Mark Lamphier’s Dixieland Band and salute to the “legends” of Stowe with costumes and skits. Billy Kidd flew in as an honored guest and speaker. A chicken barbecue preceded the next day’s team races – the U.S. Ski Team Challenge complete with pari-mutuel betting. The event organized by Joe Welch and Nancy Cooke raised over $12,000 for the MMSEF. The telemark skiers raced for the von Trapp Trophy and all retired to the Stuberl for the awards party.
  • Stowe hosted its first Nor-Am race on the newly FIS-approved Hayride.
  • Tiger won the GS at the 1983 National Championships and was named to the “A” Team. Erica Nourjian was tapped for the U.S. Development Squad.
  • Another Grand Marnier National Championship was won by MMSC’s Chuck Baraw, Trude Erhard, Tom Emmanuelson, Amy Dwyer, Lee Lee Black and Jeff Lancaster.
  • The Mt. Mansfield Academy opened, a tutorial program, creating opportunities as well as race training with MMSC coaches. Galen and Disa Nourjian, Kristy Libby, and Greg Marron were the first to sign on.
  • May 2 closing date marked latest closing in Stowe history.


  • Two special ski racing awards were established in memory of MMSC’s Jeff Stone and Betsy Snite Riley. They will be presented annually to talented junior ski racers.
  • Tiger was named to the 1984 U.S. Ski Team and competed in Sarajevo with the whole family present. Then, at the NorAm’s, he won the overall and GS titles.
  • Andrew Shaw, skiing for UVM, won the NCAA GS Championship and Aunt Ann (Shaw) Savela made the UVM Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • Masters racers just kept on ticking. Allan Beck was winning on the Sise Cup circuit and had a national age group gold medal to his credit. Betty Biedermann, Ginny Hunt, and Dick Comey also raced to medals.
  • Former MMSC racer, Jesse Hunt, wins the Willy Schaeffler Award, given to the U.S. Combined winners at the USSA National Jr. II Olympics.
  • A Nor-Am race is held December 11-12, and Johan Wallner (SWE) is the winner.
  • Sugar Slalom is held on April 6-7.


  • The Mountain Triple replaced the T-Bar and a new T-line trail was opened, with much new snow-making.
  • Sepp and Helen (Maxie) got married.
  • Season ticket purchasers no longer benefited from a MMSC discount, so membership lagged.
  • Tiger Shaw wins the Combined at the U.S. Alpine Championships.
  • Chip Knight wins hopeful dual slalom.
  • Erik Schlopy and Christy Tiballi were winners of Jeff Stone Award.


  • The Jeff Stone Award was presented to Christy Tiballi and Erik Schlopy. Erika Nourjian received the Betsy Snite Award.
  • The single and double Mt Mansfield chairs made their last runs. They were dismantled to make room for the new high speed quad.
  • Erik Schlopy ended his III&IV years ranked unmistakably in first place in the East having won 23 out of 26 races and dominating the Eastern J3 Olympics as overall champion.
  • Nor-Am held on North Slope, December 10-11. Jim Read wins both GS races.
  • Another Grand Marnier National Championship was won at Alpine Meadows by MMSC’s Dan Susslin, Gail Susslin, Richard Erdman, Kim Brown, Carol Thomas and Trina Brink.
  • Marilyn (Shaw) McMahon elected to National Ski Hall of Fame.
  • Tiger Shaw wins Combined at the U.S. Alpine Championships. Wins Buddy Werner Award.
  • Sari Skaling and Grant Richardson win Sugar Slalom.


  • The quad was named the “Forerunner” and was zipping skiers to the top in no time.
  •  Tiger Shaw wins Combined at the U.S. Alpine Championships for third year.


  • Tom Amidon returned for a second stint as Club President.
  • Bob Sampson was new program director and Cindy Suplizio, Gregg Bartlett, Tom SequistLew Barber, Tiania Adams, Adam Julius and Gayle Erdmann all were now part of the coaching staff.
  • Chip Knight (JIII) was the year’s recipient of the Jeff Stone Award. The Betsy Snite Award went to Shelly Scipione.
  • Tiger Shaw had the top U.S. men’s finish (12th in GS) at the Calgary Olympics. He also raced to 19th in the Super-G on the icy course on Mt. Nakiska. He completed the season by winning the Combined at the U.S. Alpine Championships for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Leslie Thompson also represented Stowe in Calgary. She competed in 4 events, placing 25th in the 20K freestyle.


  • MMSEFI fundraising drive offered super season transferable passes and MMSC Anoralp parkas for big donors.
  • Bob Sampson is Head Coach. Tiania Adams, Adam Julius and Tom Sequist are added to the coaching staff.
  • “Plot the Plop” was a fall fun fundraiser – Roy Clark the winner. A MMSC Mud Slalom, toy boat sailing regatta and Toll Road biking hill-climb completed the drive with great participation
  • Snowboarding was allowed on the mountain.