• Sepp Ruschp died in June and hundreds celebrated his life at a memorial service at the top of the gondola.
  • Ed McMullin took charge as Executive Director – Dean Keller as Head Coach. Mike Leach, Eva Pfosi and Kraig Sourbeer were added to the coaching staff.
  • Susan Larson walked away from the Junior Olympics as the Super Giant Slalom Champion and the bronze medalist in combined. She earned an invite to train in New Zealand with the U.S. Team.
  • Grizzy Dwight, Chuck & Mike Tamblyn, John Steers, Sarah Chouinard and Mattias Schmidt were up and coming stars for the club.
  • Weekly Masters training was offered every Thursday for the second season. Allan Beck, Gerhard Schmidt, Pete Donaghy, Dick Comey, Ted Barnett, Chuck Baraw, and Trude Erhard took part in that program.
  • The NCAA Championships were held on the Nose Dive, Spruce and at Trapp Family Lodge. UVM won the meet for the second year in a row.
  • A Nor-Am race following a Waterville World Cup brought top international racers to Stowe. Tiger Shaw placed 2nd to Jonas Nilsson of Sweden.
  • The 1990 Sugar Slalom marked the 50th Anniversary of that event, and a new MMSC scoreboard at Little Spruce was dedicated to M.J. Shaw for her devotion to the club.
  • The Club’s squad of Ski Bums (Lee Lee Black, Dan Susslin, Kim Brown, David Wells, Kitty Coppock, and Gail LeBaron) won the Jeep National Ski Club challenge at Keystone in Colorado. They brought home the Jeep which was auctioned off to benefit the MMSC.
  • The Club Championship weekend was held despite a melt-down and downpour on a severely shortened muddy course.
  • The new bigger and faster Gondola went up – the smaller came down (need to confirm the year). Improved snow-making occurred and winch-cat procured.
  • The MMSC hosted the Telemark Nationals, the Seagrams Pro-Am Cup and the Carnival Wintermeister events.
  • Al Coppock took charge as Race Secretary with Kitty, Jody Tomlinson and Becky Graddock as timers.


  • The year marked the 40th Anniversary of the Junior Race Program, and Pascale Savard joined the Club staff.
  • The MMSC develops a Snowboard Training Program. John Percy won a spot on the U.S. snowboard Team. John Bennett and Thomas O’Brien had top results.
  • The Cow Chip Bingo event brought $1,000 for the plop on Ginny Chenoweth’s square, $300 for Courtney Arnot’s, and $500 for Henry Timball’s. Paul Percy’s bovines performed beautifully.
  • Night skiing begins on the Gondola, highest and longest night skiing in the East. (Lindner)
  • The MMSC hosted the World Military Games (CISM) with top international racers. The rumor that Tomba was coming was false, but the field included Swiss World Cup stars Michael Von Gruenigen, and Peter Luescher.
  • Tiger Shaw wins Buddy Werner Award.


  • Paul Reed, a former Head Coach, became our new President.
  • Dean Keller left for law school and Kraig Sourbeer moved up to Head Coach. Lori Furrer, Mike Frost, former Swiss ski racer, Annick Chappot, Michele Patrick, Susan Amidon, and Kyle Lewis were also hired.
  • Bud Keene (record holder for the highest snowboard descent) was hired as Head Snowboard coach.
  • Leslie Thompson and Nancy Bell were Stowe’s representatives in the 1992 Albertville, France, Olympics. Leslie, an 11 year USST member who raced thru the JIIs for MMSC competed in the first women’s Olympic biathlon events after 6 years on the USBA and National Guard teams. She was the top American (34th) in the 15k event.
  • New 8 passenger gondola installed in the fall of 1991.The mountain also improves snow-making and purchases first winch cat.


  • The Sepp Ruschp Endowment was formed in his honor and major fund-raising challenge was undertaken by MMSEF president John Douglas for the Club’s 60th.
  • At the World Championships in Japan, Erik Schlopy barely survived a horrendous crash (seen by all on TV) but was back skiing on the USST.
  • Briggs and Harper Phillips qualified for the World Cup opener in Park City.
  • Susan Larson led the nation in downhill (2nd in super G) for her age group.
  • Jay Ross replaced Adam Julius whose record JIII program sent 75% to States and 9 to the JIII Olympics. Kyle Lewis, with Tom Silva handled the JIVs; Lori Furrer was saddled with the 54 JV & VIs.
  • Snowboarders had six in the Nationals with Chad Langdon and Tony Francisco in the top 10.
  • The Club begins a Telemark program, and Shannon Arell was champion at the Telemark Nationals. Chris Rice places second.


  • Club is one of the first to adopt new computer based timing system (Split Second), by Geoff Elder, that not only times the race but also prepares the results.
  • The Mt. Mansfield Academy expanded its program under Tiania Adams and Lori Furrer at the Stowe School, with out-of-town students bunking with host families.
  • Jodie Bush was new JIV head coach, Julia Carson and Jong Cherryholmes snowboard coaches. Ten assistant coaches were needed for Lori Furrer’s JV crowd.
  • Twenty members raced the Master’s Sise Cup circuit and received coaching from Kyle Hopkins. Ski Racing named Alan Beck “Outstanding Master’s racer”.
  • Noted MMSC racer, Greg Bartlett was killed in an August accident.
  • The USOC Ski Challenge raised $81,000 for the U.S. Ski Team. Billy Kidd, Paula Zahn, and Diane Roffe-Steinrotter joined teams of MMSC racers in the race.
  • Leslie Thompson, Harper Phillips, and former ski club member Erik Schlopy are named to the 1994 Olympic Team.


  • Hannah Kreizel and Nelson Riley returned as top JIVs under Coach Kate Korbet. Hannah Sequist handled the JVIs.
  • The annual MMSC awards went to Erica Platt (Craig Burt), Stephanie Long and Anna Hackett (Betsy Snite) and Graham Furlong (Jeff Stone)


  • Our new Clubhouse was started at the former Big Spruce Lodge and all lockers and junior race equipment moved to the basement space.
  • MMSEFI Scholarships were founded in memory of Charlie Black, Club President in the early 1970s and an MMSEFI founder.
  • Stephanie Long again won the Betsy Snite award, Tyler Barlow the Jeff Stone and most improved MMWA academic awards.
  • The MMSC set up a web site, created and maintained by Jim Revkin.
  • Enrollment doubled at the MMWA, testament to their fine program.
  • Claudine Safar and Tom Sequist were added to the JI & IIs coaching staff and Tom Oddy replaced Jan Rosendaal as Executive Director.
  • Stowe Mt. Resort was #1 in “Skiing”, and “Ski” – a first!
  • A “trainer program” was introduced giving race training to 14-17 year old racers for the month of December.
  • Our race program produced big results: JI Champions, JII Champions, JIII State Champions, East I&II Finals Champions and JIII Olympic Champions – not bad.
  • A Sunday-only program began for first year 7 and 8 year olds.


  • Jay Ross and Mike Leach had a strong JIII girls’ team to coach, headed by Jay’s daughter Lauren, the ’96 JIII Olympic champion. Jessica Kelley and Emily Copeland were rivals as well as Sara O’Connell.
  • Stowe hosted the NCAA Championships again. This time, it was almost a win, but just a close second to Utah. Susan Larson raced for the UVM Cats.
  • The MMSC awards ceremony honored Jo Ellen Rowley and Kristin Kreizel with the Betsy Snite Award and Lauren Ross and Jessica Kelley shared the Jeff Stone Award.
  • The Ski Bum series had some heavy hitters that season, with close competition for individual honors. The “Friends of the Devil” ski bum team celebrated 20 years of perfect attendance, and all praised Marion Baraw as the “glue” of the series.
  • Coach Chris O’Leary worked the “rough Riders” weekend program for 12 and under snowboard kids. Five of the big kids qualified for the Nationals and the mountain pledged a better half pipe.
  • Twenty JIVs – too many to mention – qualified for the Vermont Championships.
  • Hank Lunde (born in Barre, grad of Norwich) replaced Gary Kiedaish as President and General Manager of Mt. Mansfield Company (which owns Stowe Mountain Resort).
  • New additions were: expansion of half pipes and terrain parks, new groomers, and Burton Demo Center.
  • The first MMSC Golf Tournament raised $6,000 from 88 players and sponsored at the Stowe Country Club.
  • Bud Keane was back as Head Snowboard Coach (after stint in ’93 &’94).
  • Lauren Ross went to a U.S. Team development camp in Bend, OR. Others went to New Zealand or Mt. Hood.
  • John Teague was named EISA Coach of the Year after 8 years as UVM’s Alpine Director. Ex-Olympian Felix McGrath took over after Teague’s retirement.


  • Biddle Duke organizes the Stowe Schuss Super G – for those who wish to go faster. Sixty braved the course on Little Spruce with Billy Reichelt and Tiga Berson the overall winners.
  • Former MMSC racer, Brooke Laundon, wins NCAA SL for Middlebury College.
  • Stowe kid Jimmy Moran competes in freestyle moguls at 1998 Nagano Olympic Games.


  • Tom Sequist succeeded Tom Oddy as Executive Director and the new dream Clubhouse was up and running. All the coaches were smiling.
  • The “Oxymorons” captured the Club Golf Championship and helped raise $7,500 for the MMSEF.
  • “Mission Wolf” introduced Rami to 90 enthralled members.
  • Ex-MMSC racer Eric Rohr revived Swiss Challenge Camp in Zermatt. Tom Silva head coached, then went with 20 MMSC racers to Mt. Hood.